The new Jail was a cage type affair welded together at Oscar Ekdahl's blacksmith shop from oil field sucker rods and located in a back room of the new city hall.

George Newell, the Night Watchman thought he would have some fun with E. Ray Smyth and Carol Felts who were teenagers at the time and were inspecting the new City Hall, Fire Station, and Jail. Of course when their curiosity got them to enter the jail cell, George closed the door and locked it and proceeded to leave the Jail House. Much to his surprise, E. Ray and Carol beat him to his car which was parked in front of City Hall and the Jail House.

The bars on the cage had been spaced too far apart and E. Ray and Carol were able to crawl between the bars and escape. Their escape resulted in extra bars being added to the cage as indicated in the photo.

That's the way life was in Small Town America in the Fifties.

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